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Large Custom Display Fiber Optic

This lamp is a real eye catcher which, makes other fiber optic lamps, look naked. Light even reflects off of heavy triple chrome. Bulb usually lasts, for over 1,500 hours and costs only about $5.00, with easy quick replacement. A spare replacement MR16 EXN comes with this lamp. Great for a Band, Store Display or in a Nightclub etc.. One of a kind made well in USA. Halogen MR16 EXN 12V 50 Watt Characteristics. Halogen MR16 lamps consist of a halogen capsule (bulb) integrated with a pressed glass reflector. The reflector of an MR16 lamp is 2 inches (50mm) in diameter. The base conforms to Bipin GU5.3 standard. The compact size of the MR16 allows for much smaller, more discreet fixtures than the incandescent reflector bulbs that pre-dated MR16s.

The reflector controls the direction and spread of light cast from the lamp. MR16 lamps are available with different beam angles from narrow spot lights of as small as 7 degrees to wide flood lamps of 60 degrees.

(MR) refers to multifaceted reflector, indicating that this reflector is usually shaped with multiple small facets. This multifaceted reflector gives a soft edge to the area illuminated by the lamp. MR16 lamps are also available with smooth reflectors, resulting in a sharper fall-off to the illuminated area. (16) refers to the maximum diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch, 16/8" or 2 inches (5cm).

In less-expensive lamps, the reflector has an aluminum coating that reflects all light. In more-expensive lamps, the reflector commonly has a diachronic coating that reflects particular frequencies of the visible spectrum in the direction the lamp is facing, while not reflecting infrared light. By not reflecting infrared light (which produces heat), these lamps reduce the amount of heating of the subject they are focused on. The combination of the halogen light source and diachronic coating also means that these lamps provide a high color rendering index and a higher color temperature than standard incandescent bulbs. This makes them well suited to applications where color rendering is important, such as retail display lighting.

The brightness of MR16 lamps can be adjusted when used with appropriate fixtures and dimmers. However, the color temperature changes significantly when the lamp is dimmed.

MR16 lamps produce significant heat, and care must be taken to avoid contact with skin or proximity to flammable materials when the lamp is on or has been on recently.

Halogen MR16 lamps are typically more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs, but not as efficient as fluorescent lamps or LED technology. MR16 lamps typically have a life expectancy of 1000 to 3,000 hours.

With both types of incandescent bulbs, useful life can be considerably shortened if their filaments experience mechanical shock or vibration. Using an electronic transformer with a 'soft start' feature can considerably extend life as it reduces the characteristically high inrush current which occurs shortly after switch on. Additionally, it can be less strain on the eyes, giving the pupils more time to react to a sudden increase in environmental lighting level.

MR16 lamps, like all quartz-halogen lamps, produce substantial amounts of ultraviolet light. Usually, this must be filtered out. Also, the quartz capsule of the lamp sometimes ruptures (explodes) upon failure of the lamp. For these two reasons, these MR16 lamps include a cover glass that serves as an integrated ultraviolet filter and explosion shield.