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1930's Real Art Deco Totally Restored Bakelite Telephone and Bakelite Bell Box For Sale

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Automatic Electric Monophone Model 1A AE11A Highboy Bakelite Art Deco Telephone and Bellbox

This Automatic Electric 1A AE11A Monophone has been restored inside and out

You can receive and dial out calls on this beautiful, real Art Deco, phone. Ready to Plug in and Use.

This phone was manufactured in the same era as the Western Electric 102 (round base) and 202 (oval base) and is similar in style but is much more art deco elegant.

The base of the phone is made out of thick solid bakelite so is the handset and bellbox; the cradle is made out of brass and refinished with high quality oven baked on black lacquer.

This is the number one collectors Art Deco of all Art Deco Telephones

The outer dial, fingerwheel and the handset parts are triple chrome plated at a high cost. This wonderful phone also has a beautiful numbers and letters real porcelain dial plate and a new AE style numbercard.

The dial is smooth & pulses at 10 pulses per second. This is the USA bell system standard even today. Hand polished telephone base. This phone has been expertly restored.

The original Monophone tag, on the cradle and original center plunger are in triple Re-Chromed condition. The extreme art deco handset is nice with no chips, cracks or repairs. Equipped with nice original triple chrome plated brass bands.

No Handset or Stand compares to the Art Deco Look of this Telephone

Note: The brass fingerwheel and brass handset bands on antique phones were never just polished brass, they were always chrome plated or black painted (with chrome the more costly model).

This, very rare, ALSO BAKELITE not iron, bellbox is often missing from these 1A, AE11A Monophones. Most likely, you will only find the phone, without the real bakelite bellbox.

The bakelite Automatic Electric ringer box is equipped with 2 brass bells. One bell ring has a higher tone, than the other one, to produce a unique bell sound, that only an antique telephone will give you. It's a pleasing sound to hear. Not a stupid little scratch speaker, junk toy, beeping sound or snot dog, rap yap, moron, cell ring tone.

Bell box has all correct parts inside and has the original Automatic Electric, ringer capacitor and induction coil for clear sound transmission and FCC compatibility.

These wonderful antique phones have no problems dialing out, receiving calls or ringing with their original components. USA phone lines were designed to work with an induction coil and are still electrically identical to the way they were many years ago. The antique telephone microphones are much better quality than the import junk of today. You do not sound muffled when you speak on this phone.

The paper wiring schematic is attached to the inside of the bell box. It also comes with all the wiring and hookup service information. This phone has a new brown 4 conductor mounting cord which goes from the phone to the bell box and 8' of new brown cloth line cord with modern modular plug from bell box to wall jack. You can mount the bell box on the wall or on the side of your desk or just place on floor (very easy).

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