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True Republican Fact Blog (Forum)

If you require rump kissing, rather than actual facts, click off now!

Warning: Same old group of blog buddy Liars, in full force, at antique radios dot Con’ed.

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Junk JYC sellers are desperate to keep selling ugly beat up junk.

Same liars control blogs and own several, junk radio, websites. Don't be fooled, like many others, for years and purchase there junk.

We have created this web page, to give a no waste of our time, same response to same old BS, to wise up the JYC (acronym definition follows) Jew York City suckers and not to have them or there puppet suckers, use our future time in response, also as a sucker.


clean bitchslapper

If unable to read, or lack the ability of attention span, suggest going all the way to bottom and watching the movie.

Rarely bother to answer, since most are just harassment from brain washed people controlled by same junk dealers. They lie and control, old scrubwomen gossip typical controlled republican Blog (Forum) and do not want people to consider workmanship. Dirty, dead bug infested junk, cannot compete with quality, but lies can. They have found Google rankings for their worthless websites depends on how many (sucker) visitors they get per day and make money on pay per click Ads, shoved in your face, hoping for sucker clicks. When you hear there opinions consider the source?

Bernie Madoff deserves an award. Tell his JYC investors "Now you know what it feels like to be ripped off by JYC". I am laughing at you suckers. How do you like it? Give him a "Bernie" why not create an Oscar Bernie? We could give it to similar JYC thieves robbed by other thieves!

Unless a radio is NOS (New Old Stock) 'right out of box' it is not original. If you do anything, of course, it is not original. This means other brand tubes, nicks, scratches, dirt, modern lacquers or anything it is not original, nor does it ever look truly original. Do nothing and it is really beat up dirty junk.

Frankly making, close as you can inside, as original is boring as hell, since no one in those days cared about the looks of the inside, hence it was boring (no pizzazz) to look at. This has zero interest or demand to a younger generation, that want to see something unique not sleeping pills. Boring radios will hit the trash after current owners die? Women and younger generations see as worthless? Especially brown (Turd Colored Bakelite) outside case. Goodbye Americana? Ask them?

Everyone, everywhere and country, needs true democracy, not this lie? I know how to get it, not just complain about the rip off, with a simple idea that will Grow on you if you think about it!

Why not have citizens vote for all federal bills online or by telephone themselves, after having the politicians discuss them, live once a week on evening TV/radio. We would hear many opinions/news plus could always modify/repeal later.

The details, of this method, can all be worked out quite easily, by a citizen task force and again modifiable always by live vote.

We (the people) cannot be bought and with several server counting computers, protected by marines with guns Etc., plus self checks, could vote on all bills ourselves, hence our (or your) government could no longer be bought, by the JYC's. You vote by computer now! That is what a voting machine is!

We would only vote politicians to discuss the bills, not vote on them, for the rich thieves, which now pay them off.

Welcome to a real people’s 21st century real democracy.

Use the technology on them like they use on us! Do not listen to comments like 'people to stupid to vote' since same stupid people voted for politicians that say this!

I trust any average citizen (even the dumbest), much more than a puppet liar of rich thieves, (Blog Forum Author?) don’t you?

Republican JYC’s (Bloomberg perfect example) only care about selfish profit not America. Ask yourself who is it? They have ruined our economy, for greedy real treason profit placed in outside USA non-taxable banks. Fall StreetWall Street (is JYC controlled) Chinese Junk Importers (are JYC) Bankers (are JYC).

In 1800's and earlier in USA anyone who charged more than 6% interest was taken to edge of town and hung until dead as a user stealing from working people. Today the credit card companies (After Reagutnomics User Laws Repeal) charge 34% and call you a criminal if you can't pay?

Federal Reserve (is JYC) History Channel (is JYC) Military Channel (is JYC) CNN (is JYC) FaceCrook (is JYC) as has led Bush and Obama by the nose Bernanke & Geitner (are both JYC) Cantor and the Las Vegas (super thief) Sheldon Adelson and Sun Capital Marc Leger (another same as Bain Capital thief) also are JYC's. JYC’s own and run Wal-Mart, Disney, Sears, Paypal, Ebay, Hollywood, Etc. Etc. and you believe their buddies republican Blog (Forum) BS?

Today, the 400 richest people in the country control more wealth than the bottom 50 percent of households, and the U.S. ranks roughly alongside countries like Uganda, Cameroon, Ecuador and Rwanda in terms of the gap between its richest and poorest citizens.

30 years of conservative-leaning policies that have undermined unions, left the minimum wage lower (adjusted for inflation) than it was in the 60's, and favored financiers and corporations over laborers.

The big culprit is deregulation (Reagutnomics of JYC Banks, Wall Street, import tax Etc.) of the finance industry as the sector that saw some of the largest jumps in income. That sector has just taken a larger and larger share of the economy, while producing a, shall we say, suckers dubious return for average working Americans.

'Mr. Reagan'? 'Tear Down That Middle Class'!

Republican Mass Transportation Method


Hello! Time Life & Hollywood (JYC) is making more money selling DVD’s about evil Hitler than anyone else ever did. Why should they condemn someone who keeps making them so much money? Because there lies pay? We hate Germans but drive Mercedes? Have you ever seen a shovel in a JYC’s hand? The only thing that works on them is the mouth. The people they use for nothing, especially children in sweatshops like the Philippines, or the others being out-source to. They now do all the work for peanuts and JYC sells there import crap to you at rip off prices. $150 for plastic shoes that cost them .50 cents to make and you believe there controlled by rich republican Blog (Forum)'s?

Sorry they are laughing at you! True Zylon B justification? Did you know there is a republican JYC only, fraternity at Harvard? How’s that for a laugh? Paid for with your tax money. Funny huh?

aliensThe true republicans are billionaires, most are JYC also corporate multi-million dollar farms (Bet you Didn't know they get there gasoline wholesale and store it in a farm tank with their own pump) and stupid rednecks that believe the lies (God is on the side of Rich right). It appears now the list must also include some suckers of a republican Blog (Forum) that also believe, right?

We do have one Fada NOS radio for sale on this website (at time this page created 9-11-2011) that is totally original and 16 (now 8 others sold) transistors radios, still in there original boxes, for sale on Ebay, also truly NOS. More people look at the pizzazz radios then the NOS radios and have offered close to asking price for Philco 70 Etc.

We, nor should you, work for nothing, for rich people, not to pay a fair price and we will wait forever. Best to throw it in the trash, then give it away to these republicans Blog (Forum), working people users, for slave wages. Our prices are customer proven fair considering the amount of work done. Just try restoring one similarly yourself and find out what it takes. You will quickly see what a bargain ours then are. We are willing to discount some, but not more than 10%, depending on ship to point.

If someone says 'Would rather have a beat up piece of junk that is original' you know they do not want to spend the effort or money to really make it nice. Remember no one wants a collector car with bad brakes, rusted, beat up paint job, bad steering, burning oil Etc. Do they?

Now the Philco70 alone, (Whoops just sold it Jan 2012) has had thousands of lookers and over 55 permanent watchers for 2 years. Most of the watchers are websites all over the world showing this radio off. We have visited many other sites that show the picture and when you click on it takes you to our Ebay Ad. How many thousands of website visitors are looking at your not really original, boring radios? How many websites are showcasing them or JYC’s radios?

We did not make the current market, but have had a real effect, on bringing up the prices, of the Made in USA, antique radio sales, on Ebay Etc. Just saw a Philco 70, beat up as hell, selling for $650 ( Radio Co trying to sell other type radios now and greatly changing there website, putting out same 'All Original BS' to sell this radio) that 2 years ago would not even bring $40 and 10 lookers.

approvalOf course our pricing and lasting Ads have contributed to this, not a lying BS (JYC) website that has been around for 20 years, with zero market help or positive effect. Only benefits the same, likely rich, always vote republican, Jew York City (JYC definition again) lazy, junk dealing liars and we are not afraid to say so. Are You?

PS: Most loyal Jewish Americans (not JYC), try to vote democrat and of course are not greedy, selfish, use god, lying, rich thieves, like most republican Blog (Forum) JYC who talk, for the people, but really rob and feed them BS. Is not an elected official taking a bribe for any reason 'treason'? They give you, the rags to riches, same old lies, while attending $100,000 a year schools. Fair education right? FaceCrook has $100 million dollars worth of computers, but was Harvard JYC rags to riches, right? Please stop being such a sucker. Ask yourself: Has anyone in your life (you really know) gotten rich in this country, who started with nothing, whom is not a crook or silver spoon liar? Answer: ZERO.

whoreConsider this 'If rich, they have the most to lose, so why are they not on the front lines (fighting for America) first on the beach, instead of at $150,000 per year tuition, Harvard'? They even have the money, to buy the four years tests answers, do you? Use the poor to fight for the rich. Does this sound familiar? War raised price of oil in Texas did it not? Bail out these thieves? Again it calls for the French Revolution Guillotine or Zylon B does it not? If you committed treason what would you get? Fight Israeli Wars with poor USA working mans sons and dollars for JYC's, Cheney and other rich republican contract company's war profits?

tricklethisRepublicans have the best politicians' money can buy. This includes some of the democrats that are really republicans, in disguise. Bubba Clinton, was worth $2 million when went in, voted for NAFTA and today is worth $200 million. Does that sound like a democrat who cares for working Americans or his rich JYC buddies? They are about to make another screw us trade deal with Korea. An idiot knows that until we force other JYC controlled export countries to purchase as much from us as we do from them 'FAIR TRADE NOT FREE FOR RICH TRADE' (not farm products under millionaire corporate farmer republican control either. Why they like current deal) USA has no chance for working people. This does not include the rich republican JYC's, of course, since they do not work and benefit from current import no laws.

Robot assembly factories in USA today would have no problem competing with foreign shipping cost and slave wages, plus provide millions of USA jobs, but will not get financed by the rich controlled bank tax evaders and bribed politicians. Sounds like 'Let Them Eat Cake' does it not?

Get rid of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid since rich don't need it and may have to pay something, what a horrible thought, huh? Are the young people really that stupid? Lie and tell them it is in trouble? Similar lies have worked for them before so why not?

Go Grandma

You're a sick senior citizen and the Republican controlled government says there is no nursing home available for you. So what do you do?

Our plan (Repeal President Obama Care) gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot four Republican Politicians.

Of course, this means you will be sent to prison where you will get three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating, air conditioning and all the health care you need!

Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? That’s great. Need a new hip, knees, kidney, lungs or heart? They’re all covered.

As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you as often as they do now.

And who will be paying for all of this? It’s the same Republican controlled USA government, that just told you, that the government cannot afford, for you to go into a home.

Plus, because now a prisoner, ( just as when you worked your entire life (wage slave) for rich Republican CEO's) yet now, don't have to pay income taxes, for the rich (tax evading CEO's) anymore.

Is this a great country or what?

Why would a multi-national (JYC) ran corporation, that has no loyalty to America, give you a job instead of working Chinese slaves for fish heads and rice? Give them a tax break? If you believe there Blog (Forum)'s and propaganda garbage you would likely believe that to 'right'?

Let me give you an example, other than obvious like Carl Icahn (cost millions of USA jobs) of a super JYC typical republican rip off thief.

Walmart was started by Sam Walton and about 40 years ago sold out, most to stock market, but not all his stock, hence now rich, of 8 stores (mostly USA products), to a bunch of JYC'S. They, because JYC CEO's and investors owned banks, loaned to them 'not you' and built a Walmart in almost every town, of any size, in the USA, good old boy lying and using his purchased name.

How? By using the oldest thief trick in the book. They sold at or below cost, until driving all the poor locally owned company's out of business, then more than doubling the price, make a killing with no competition.

Importing cheap low quality junk and selling at high prices was next. Towns people have no choice, unless willing to drive 100 miles. Now have to throw away and keep buying same junk again and again. What a Bargain?

Now is that an honest, rags to riches, story like they tell you?

Currently they hire workers, part time, without benefits, mostly half paid by government, due to disability, hence only pay half minimum wage. Tell you a lie, like 'We want to purchase from women owned USA companies', when 99.99999% is from China, JYC controlled slave shops.

Call WalFart and tell them you are an American company that wants to sell to them and see the paperwork, that even wants to know who else you sell to and how much, thus discouraging any American companies from legally suing for discrimination. When you get this pile it doesn't take long to see who is right.

They do not hire enough help, so as to make you check yourself out, like a true sucker and cost even more jobs.

First Motto: Would rather wait 10 hours in line, then check myself out and cost another American a job. Even this rotten one. Home Depo is JYC run. Note the auto checkout yourself as a dead give away.

sniper catDoes This Sound Like A Company That Cares About America or JYC's CEO's 300 million dollars a year plus salary and buddy traitors salary's with billions in (out of country non taxable) profits?

Walmart Crooks

Papa Jews

On (Not) Getting By in America:

The “working poor” ... are in fact the major philanthropists of our society. They neglect their own children so that the children of others will be cared for; they live in substandard housing so that other homes will be shiny and perfect; they endure privation so that inflation will be low and stock prices high. To be a member of the working poor is to be an anonymous donor, a nameless benefactor, to everyone else.

Big Business has not only gotten more and more brazen about nickel and diming its workforce and its customers, it has also received more and more billions in bailouts, subsidies and tax breaks from We the Taxpayers and been granted the “right” to spend literally as much money as it wants corrupting our politics.

We’re getting nickel and dimed on one end, and million and billioned on the other!
  • We’ve seen Hostess Brands, Inc. — after abandoning pension commitments to retirees and demanding concession after concession from employees — liquidate the iconic snack food company and then have the gall to ask the bankruptcy court to approve almost $2 million in bonuses for a handful of top executives.
  • We’ve seen Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein — and other CEOs of corporations that simply wouldn’t exist without government largesse — trying to slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while living the high life as the most undeservedly “entitled” class of people ever to walk the earth.
  • And, most tragically, 112 workers in Bangladesh were killed when fire swept through the garment factory they were working in — after being ordered back to work by their bosses when the fire alarms sounded and where there were no emergency exits. Among the corporate giants the factory made clothes for? Walmart. 

Republicans Hate Communism ? But Sell There Products For Profit Hence Helping China's Citizen Murdering Communist Government ??? Professional Liars. GOP (Give Out Poop)

Try to put this response (or link it) on the 'scrub women republican Blog (Forum)' and see it not posted, by the controlling JYC as proof of what we are saying?

Or when they do respond, it proves again the old saying 'when you throw a rock into a pig pen only the ones you hit squeal'. Remember, telling the truth, is not hate but fact. Do you hate getting the truth?

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Bet our pizzazz Antique Radios 150 years from now are still being displayed, long after We and JYC junk is gone. Will lazy, cheap, beat up junk, controlled Blog (Forum) owners boring Antique Radios be?give a shit

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